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Hi there! Welcome to the October 2019 instantiation of the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge. Since version 1.0 appeared in September 2012, that means the SEBoK just celebrated its 7th birthday! This release, version 2.1 is also my third release as Editor in chief. This release brings what I hope are some exciting changes for the readers and authors.

The first change I hope you notice is that we have added bylines to those articles for which we can track their origins. As of this release, we are recognizing the contribution of lead authors and the additional contributing authors. It is our hope that these contributions will be beneficial to the authors in their professional lives - being able to prove their contributions to this important knowledge base.

The next obvious change should be the way glossary bubbles have been updated. They are more readable now, with a grey background and black text.

Other changes include new articles on:

  • Digital Engineering
  • Mission Engineering
  • Set Based Design
  • MBSE Adoption Trends 2009-2018

Additionally, we have updated content on Resilience, Human Systems Integration, and Capability Engineering. Part 1 also received a wire brushing. We have also begun incorporating video. You will find a short video on the Main page. We are also going to begin to look at existing INCOSE YouTube channel content to look for 1-3 minute clips we can strategically place throughout the SEBoK to add value.

There is a big announcement to be made relative to the SEBoK. The IEEE Computer Society has been one of the three stewards of the SEBoK from the beginning. They have had a seat on the Board of Governors, and have provided invaluable counsel. In January 2020, that stewardship will be transferred from the IEEE Computer Society to the IEEE Systems Council. The Editorial Board looks forward to the continued support and participation of IEEE. Thank you IEEE Computer Society, and in particular to Rich Hilliard and Andy Chen.

Regarding the reach of the SEBoK, there were over 29,000 visitors and 68,781 page views during the the month of July 2019. That brings our total page views to over 3.45M since 2012. Top content pages in July: 1) Stakeholder Needs and Requirements, 2) Types of Models, 3) Types of Systems, 4) Systems Requirements, and 5) Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability. Top countries accessing the SEBoK in July:

  1. US
  2. India
  3. Australia
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Philippines

Looking forward to the next release, it is my hope that those of you that enjoy working with video will think about creating video content now that we have that capability. Please limit your submissions to no more than 3 minute clips, and the preferred format is mp4.

I am still looking for additional authors and folks interested in taking a leadership role as editors to help manage and grow our content for specific areas. It would be nice to add some more content in Part 6: Related Disciplines, and Part 7: SE Implementation Examples. If you would like to author an article for those sections, please reach our to Nicole Hutchinson (emtnicole@gmail.com) or myself (rcloutier@southalabama.edu).

That is it for now ... I hope to see you at the upcoming International Workshop being held in Torrence, CA in January 2020. If you have ideas for the SEBoK, or would like to get involved, be sure to find me there and we can have some coffee and chat. But, do not feel you have to wait until then to get involved - reach out now! Thanks for your ongoing support.