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Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge, Part 7

version 2.6

Front Matter
Editor's Corner
Governance and Editorial Boards
Acknowledgements and Release History
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Part 7
Systems Engineering Implementation Examples
Systems Engineering Implementation Examples
Matrix of Implementation Examples
Matrix of Implementation Examples
Implementation Examples
Implementation Examples
Defense System Examples
Submarine Warfare Federated Tactical Systems
Virginia Class Submarine
Information System Examples
Complex Adaptive Taxi Service Scheduler
Successful Business Transformation within a Russian Information Technology Company
FBI Virtual Case File System
Management System Examples
Project Management for a Complex Adaptive Operating System
Medical System Examples
Next Generation Medical Infusion Pump
Medical Radiation
Design for Maintainability
Space System Examples
Global Positioning System Case Study
Global Positioning System Case Study II
Russian Space Agency Project Management Systems
How Lack of Information Sharing Jeopardized the NASA/ESA Cassini/Huygens Mission to Saturn
Hubble Space Telescope
Applying a Model-Based Approach to Support Requirements Analysis on the Thirty-Meter Telescope
Miniature Seeker Technology Integration Spacecraft
Apollo 1 Disaster
Transportation System Examples
Denver Airport Baggage Handling System
FAA Advanced Automation System (AAS)
Federal Aviation Administration Next Generation Air Transportation System
UK West Coast Route Modernisation Project
Standard Korean Light Transit System Vignette
Utilities Examples
Northwest Hydro System
Singapore Water Management